Zoom Tac-8 Review – Best Audio Interface Of 2020

Zoom Tac-8 Review

An audio interface is a hardware that expands and improves the sonic capabilities of a computer. It gives the ability to connect microphones or other kinds of signals to a computer and outputs the same. 

Zoom Tac-8 is one such audio interface that has caught the eyes of many in both- professional as well as household environments.

Zoom Tac-8 Review 

About Zoom Tac-8 Thunderbolt Audio Interface

Zoom Tac-8 Thunderbolt audio interface is suited for home studios as well as mobile recording rigs. It has 8 analog and 10 digital inputs and outputs. As it is bus-powered, it means less hassle while trying to find an extra power outlet. It offers ultra-low latency and 24-bit/192kHz recordings support for extraordinary results. It gives an 18-in/20-out high-speed Thunderbolt audio interface, a standalone mode that allows using it as an 8-channel mic preamp, along with an A/D or D/A converter without connecting to a computer, and also allows recording and playback of 8 tracks simultaneously. 

It includes the following:

  • Operation manual.
  • AD-19 AC adapter.
  • Steinberg Cubase LE software online download.

About The Design

The Zoom Tac-8 audio interface’s outlooks have a blue and silver metal casing with brackets on each side for mounting it to the interface board. The 8 XLR/quarter-inch inputs on the front of the device each have their gain knob, a master volume dial with lights that shows a clear signal, clipping, also the clock source (i.e., ADAT, a World Clock, Internal, S/PDIF). 

However, there are no level indicators; there is only one that shows whether there is a signal or not. It comes with the MixEfx software that easily allows routing the inputs to all of the output that creates custom mixes for each pair of outputs. Along with that, the device also comes with a free download of the Steinburg Cubase LE software.

About The Recording

With 8 analog inputs and 8 playback and simultaneous recording abilities, Zoom Tac-8 allows recording anything at any time. Drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, vocals, or even an 8-mic drum setup- anything can be recorded. There are no latency issues, and the Tac-8’s built-in software mixer and flexible output options allow the customization of each session as per the requirements. As it is three times faster than USB 3.0 and twenty times faster than USB 2.0, it will enable signals to be transferred at an incredible 10 gigabits per second. They are also unaffected by the slight variations in timings.

Additional Features

Tac-8 MicEfx is a free Macintosh application that is designed by Zoom. It gives an overall onscreen mixer with an independent level, phase reversal, and control for each channel. It allows one to freely route all input to outputs. On top of that, a variety of reverb and echo effects are allowed to be added on a per output basis. These complete mixes can be stored in different memory slots.

Zoom Tac-8 also comes with a free download license for Steinberg’s Cubase LE music production software that provides the ability to capture incredible high-resolution and low-latency audio. This can be used to take the recordings to a professional level.

Bottom Line

It can be concluded that the Zoom Tac-8 audio interface is a smart buy, not only because of its updated features but also because of its price. The most crucial limitation of this audio interface is that it only works on Mac computers and might have setup issues with Windows. Other than that, its high speed, metal design, and non-existent latency will bring the onstage performance to a whole different level up-gradation by using the latest technology. So if you want to update yourself this year, then do buy this audio interface.

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