Sylenth vs Serum -Which VST You Should Use

Sylenth Vs Serum

What is a VST?

Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is an audio plugin software interface which incorporates computer software synthesizer and impacts from digital audio workstations (DAW). VST uses electronic signal processing to mimic traditional recording-studio hardware in the form of software. There are thousands of plugins in the market, both commercial and freeware, and many music applications encourage VST under license. Many well-known artists also create their plugins and plugin preset, which turns out as an additional source of revenue for them. If you’re a newbie in the music field, you’ll surely need some plugin presets to level up your music-making skills. There are two significant synthesizers plugin which is used by artists and sellers who create plugin presets and sell them. These synthesizers are Sylenth and Serum. Let’s take a look at the brief comparison between Sylenth vs Serum and in which VST you should invest in. 


XFer Serum  

What is a dream synthesizer from your point of view? A wavetable synthesizer having a really high-quality audio, visible and more inventive workflow-oriented port to create, making and shifting sounds interesting rather than dull and also the power to “go deep” inside the waveforms if desirable to generate / import /edit /morph wavetables. Yes, I’m Talking about Serum. Xfer-records launched Serum in September 2014. And after that, Serum Became the King of “Complex” sounds. 


Serum Interface

Inside Xfer Serum, You can also control those on play-back in real life. The Serum comes with a Wavetable editor constructed that is constructed directly inside it, So you are able to create your personal wavetables very easily. With Serum, you can also publish songs specifically from sound records. Serum includes many different options and methods for assessing songs for breaking it into personal waveforms. You may import single-cycle wavetables naturally,

in addition to lots of simultaneously with inbuilt sorting choices. With Serum, you can Morph in between a variety of wavetables utilizing conventional linear interpolation which is also known as crossfading or by way of harmonic/spectral morphing. Tug right on the waveform, using optional grid-size

snapping and also an assortment of contour gears. Processing menu alternatives

permit you to execute exactly the opposite activities you’d desire, including

drops, crossfades, normalize, export, and much more. The LFO tool is inbuilt.

This LFO tool is one of the main why Serum is termed as King of “Complex.”

Sounds. There are a plethora of inbuilt Fx’s which you can use to make your mix

sound better. 


LennarDigital Sylenth

Sylenth Interface

Sylenth1 is a digital-analogue VST synthesizer which represents the definitions of performance and quality to some high degree. Until today just a couple applications synthesizers have managed to resist the excellent noise requirements of components synths. Sylenth1 is just one which really helps you do that. Sylenth1 isn’t simply like some other another synth. It had been constructed by a music producer’s point of perspective. It had been constructed to generate superior-excellent music and sound. It had been constructed to execute. 


Sylenth vs Serum     

First things first, Sylenth and Serum both are one of the best VSTs available in the market. Both of them comes with tons of plugins. Both of them have similarities when it comes to features like LFO and Detune and multiple oscillators. Yes, when you’ll notice on paper, both of them are a lot similar. The only difference is how you’ll do the process of sound design.


You have to decide what type of sound you want to create. And on the basis on that, you have to select which VST you should choose. And in the case of Sylenth vs Serum, the scenario is the same. The Serum is called King of complex sounds. This is because you have the option to access the wavetable. And with the help of the LFO tool, you can create automation inside the VST itself. The LFO tool is available in Sylenth also, but you can’t create automation within Sylenth. So, Did you get my point? If you want to create complex sound or if you want to create growl basses for dubstep or if you want to make LFO saw chords for your next future bass song, you should choose Serum.


But sylenth is as powerful as Serum. But in some other aspects off sound design. Also, the interface of Sylenth is much more simple than Serum. With sylenth, you can make melodic sound very easily. So if you want to create chords for your next song, you can try it out with sylenth. Or if you want to make supersaw, you can also use sylenth for that purpose. Or for instance, you want some plucky plucks, you can head towards the presets menu and you’ll find some very cool plucks in Sylenth. You can also use sylenth to make cinematic orchestral music. I think got my point. When you want to make a complex sound, choose Serum while for other sounds like plucks and melody, I would suggest you to choose Sylenth. Sylenth is very versatile, while Serum is not that versatile.    

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