How to Export Stems in FL Studio-Export Individual Tracks

How to Export Stems in FL Studio- Export Individual Tracks

FL studio plays a significant role if you are working on a background score for a movie. The audio files of the track are called stems or bus. Correctly saving the stem files is essential when you are sending them for professional mixing. If you are new to this software, it is necessary to accurately export a project from the FL studio as any wrong step, and the mastering engineer won’t be able to do the work correctly. In this tutorial, we will be guiding you on how to export individual tracks in fl studio.

Five Simple Steps to Export Stems From FL Studio

1. Mixing the Track:

When you are exporting stems via FL Studio, it is advisable to work on one track unless you are mixing different tracks in one section. The task is tedious to work on, but the result will be worth all the effort. Every stem has an instrument voice, audio sample, and generator plugin that is accessed by the software at the mixing time. Thus you need to route towards busses that access the stems when called for mastering.

 2. Accessing Setting to Start Export In FL Studio:

Now, all the mixers are visible on the main screen of FL Studio, time to decide the path for your stems. If you have not created a specific folder where all the stems and tweaks get downloaded, it’s essential to make it before you run the process. Click on the file button, choose Export, and then select the Wave File option. Once you click this, a pop-up window will appear to show you the folder where all the mixers get downloaded. It’s essential to send all the stems in one folder as it’s more straightforward to access and mail them for professional mixing.

3. Format the Project:

Once you see the entire track on the main screen, choose the mode to the full song. This way, each stems in the song will automatically be picked and will be exported in the desired location. Remember to set the tail to leave the remainder. It’s a crucial step as this will capture the decaying sound used to reverb at the end of any track.   

4. Selecting the Output Format:

Selecting the file type is vital as your end track after mixing needs high resolution. The standard WAV comes at 24-bit resolution. To export the track for 32-bit resolution is somewhat technical stuff. If you a new to the entire F L Studio, we advise you to get it done by the engineer. 32 bit gives clarity to the track because of its dynamic range, but it gets altered from DAW to DAW (of other Companies), which may cause compatibility issues. While editing the stems, make sure you check the save tempo option, which will collect all the edited features in the selected folder.

5. Editing the Stem Quality:

When working on resampling the audio of a stem, the rendering needs checked at 64-point. The Sinc. is easy to alter at a higher value, but the process of rendering the stems will be longer. When you are working on this process, the HQ for each plugin requires constant monitoring. You can make the dithering unchecked as it should as it will be useful at the final render.

Another important setting that needs your attention while exporting the stems is the Split Mixer. This function allows you to create stems for each mixer track. If you want every stems from being in place, don’t forget to check this option.

Once you have followed all these steps, hit the start button, and the software will start doing its work. There will make a small jingle sound once the exporting on the stem gets completed in the file. Now all you are left is to select the items you wish to send to mix engineer for the final editing on the track. Make sure all the tracks you send needs to be heard and checked twice before mailing as the edited track will be a mix of those stems. Professional Mixers are usually busy people who won’t be happy to do editing, again and again, so your stems should be in correct order to achieve the final track. We hope that with our “How to Export Stems in FL Studio Tutorial,” you will export stems in the correct form and download it for proper mixing that will turn into a great music track.

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