Best VST Plugins for Trap Beats – Know Facts Before Buying Trap Plugins

Best Five VST Plugins for Trap Beats

Trap Beats is said to be the youngest genre in the Music Industry. While many may still not know the correct ways to trap plugins, others are doing experiments with this new genre. For someone searching for the best trap VST Plugin usually search two points: how the trap music works and where one can download the best trap plugins. If you are into Hip-Hop music, this article will help you understand the trap vst and which brand to choose. There are five best vsts for trap right now available at the Plugin Boutique with discounted rates. Let’s take a detailed look at each one of them.

Best Five VST Plugins for Trap Beats

1. DopeSONIX Beat Machine 2 

DopeSONIX Beat Machine 2First in the line is the Beat Machine 2 by DopeSONIX, which is relatively new in the VST plugin creator industry. This VST is excellent for Hip-Hop Music makers as the software has sounds of drums from the ear of 90s, 00s, and 10s. The user can access all the 1200 drum samples right on the home page and use each sound individually or use the 50 MIDI patterns to create a tone. With the number of models the company is offering, it is a great option to make some great music.

DopeSONIX Beat Machine 2 is available with these features:

  • User-friendly interface and easy access to all the samples at the home page.

  • The library consists of 1200 drum samples, all collected from three areas of the music industry.

  • The software comes with pre-programmed 50 MIDI patterns.

  • The best trap vst for Hip-Hop Music creation.


2. Alchemy Bassynth by Wave 

Alchemy Bassynth by WaveThe golden point of the Alchemy Bassynth is the low-frequency sound collection in this plugin. Wave is a known brand, and the software for trap music comes with 11 Gb of sample sound. This library includes live brass, wavetables, low winds & strings, analog synths, modular basses, and heavily processed bass guitars. Enjoy utilizing the dedicated knob to use four insert effects, 2 send effects, and six master effects.

Alchemy Bassynth by Wave 2 is available with these features:

  • Enjoy a massive library of more than 800 music samples and 290+ preset sounds.
  • This collection has a perfect blend of 4 sounds.
  • With a dedicated knob, you can change the effect and eight mico slider for assigning the 64 parameters.


3. KHORDS by Loopmasters 

KHORDS by LoopmastersLoopmaster is known for making great VST Plugin, now has launched the KHORDS, which focuses on individual instruments and brings out the original personality of classic sounds. With 550 different presets and 315 inspirational chords, mixing sounds in your original track got smoother. You can access the library, including plucks, pads, atmospheres, stabs, and strums. The sounds are divided into single, major, and minor notes for more detailed sorting without losing tonality. One also can enjoy the feature of altering pitch with 12 filters, amplitude, LFO, and ADST effects to get remarkable results.

KHORDS by Loopmasters is available with these features:

  • Get access to 315 inspirational chords and 550 diverse presets.

  • Alter the pitch by accessing the Root/Open, Major, and Minor

  • There are 12 filters with Resonance, Key Tracking, and Pre-Drive Effect.

  • Six Chorus algorithms, Six Reverb, Four Mod Wheel Destinations, and Three Delay Types all merged in this trap vst plugin.

  • Includes Shift and Timestretch to change the tone of the sample sounds.


4. iZotope BreakTweakerby 

iZotope BreakTweakerbyWhen you are working on Trap Beats, you need a vst plug that gives you dozens of module options. The feature is imperial as it will affect the EQ, Dynamics, Stereo Images, Maximizer, and Exciter. BreakTweakerby delivers an extensive range of 200 samples of drum machines from the past era. There are 50 kits with 12 patterns in each section that will make a dramatic change in your track.

BreakTweakerby iZotope is available with these features:

  • One of the most advanced versions by iZotope exclusive for trap music with comprehensive standard and vintage modules.

  • Access to 200 samples of drum machines, 50 kits with 12 patterns within each kit.

  • Responsive interface and stunning visuals make it super easy to use this software.

  • The Match EQ and Master Assistant Modules are available on the home screen for easy access.


5. AudioThing Hats 

AudioThing HatsIf you are considering investing in the best trap vst plugins to alter the hi-hats, AudioThing Hats will work for you. The Hats gives you the freedom to work on the tweak, filter, and pitch. If you wish to get a smoother sound, this software will provide you with control over the noise level, type, and stereo to improve the percussion. There are four main effects in Hats: Bit Crusher, Reverb Filter, and Ring Mod. All these addons are essential if you want to alter the drum sound heavily.

AudioThing Hats is available with these features:

  • Audio Thing trap vst entirely dedicated to altering the cymbals and hats sounds.
  • The interface is relatively simple, making Hats a suitable plugin for beginners.
  • There are dedicated sounds and noise sentient options to make working on synthesis easier.
  • Enjoy 50 sample sounds collected from all kinds of drums, cymbals, and hats.
  • All four effects of setting get accessed from the home page for alterations.



Trap vst plugins are relatively new in the market, but people are working on Hip-hop music are downloading this software that lets them alter the tones to create groovy music. You can choose from any of the software mentioned above based on the need for editing the sound, controlling frequency and pitch. Another factor one should before the final purchase is the sample library containing the drums’ sounds from the previous eras.

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