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Best Tin Whistle

The tin whistle is also known as penny whistles. It is a simple woodwind instrument, having six holes in it. It is easy to play and really inexpensive. The making and selling of such whistles are at the top in Ireland. It is known as the home of the tin whistles. Some of the best tin whistle brands like Waltons whistles are made directly in Ireland. The whistles are the most commonly used instrument to play traditional tunes.

To play the instrument like whistles, gripping and holding play a vital role. We need to keep our grip light & relaxed and make a good seal with the pad of our fingers and not the fingertips. Here in this article, you can find a list of penny whistles which can be played by any professionals or even non-professionals.

Best Tin Whistle for Beginners

1. Clarke CWD Celtic Tin Whistle

Clarke CWD Celtic Tin Whistle

Clarke makes whistles which anyone, either professionals or newbies, can use. It is easy to learn, not so expensive, and very convenient to carry. If you like the sweet and breathy sound, then Clarke is best for you.

Important Features and Specifications of Clarke CWD

  • This whistle (key of D) is handmade in the United Kingdoms and comes with its own fingering chart.
  • It also includes five traditional Celtic tunes. Three of them are from Wales, Scotland, and Brittany and two of them are from Ireland.
  • It comes with an attractive Celtic knot and a gift box. It is indeed a perfect piece of gift because it is relaxed and comfortable to play than other whistles.

This whistle has a seam in the tin at the back, which helps in the gripping. If you still have doubts, order one and try it, as it is not at all expensive and fun & authentic thing to play with!


2. Waltons Irish Tin Whistle CD Pack

Waltons Irish Tin Whistle CD Pack

If you want a whistle which comes with the instruction booklet and tracks, then Waltons is here to help you out. It provides a kit including Irish tin whistle CD pack and six language instruction book.

Useful Features and Specifications of Waltons Tin Whistle

  • This whistle is perfect for everyone. Despite being easy to play, this whistle is very dynamic and an exciting instrument with subtle quality.
  • There is a CD available in the kit which demonstrates 27 international and Irish tunes. It also offers a wide variety of music and melodies with mellow tones.
  • It comes in Key D, which makes it even more wanted as type C and D are the most common key types in tin whistles.

If you don’t know music or any musical instrument and just want to start learning it without disturbing your budget, tin whistle is there for you. It is perfect for beginners to expand the musical horizon.


3. Woodi WI-921W WI-922W Set of 2 Irish Whistle

Woodi WI-921W WI-922W Set of 2 Irish Whistle

Are you looking for some vintage tin whistle collection for your house? If yes, then consider the option of ‘Woodi.’ It seems different than other whistles as its finishing is precisely like wood and it is approximately 13 inches long.

Specifications and Features of Woodi Whistles

  • This whistle is made of unbreakable ABS Resin Plastic which makes it long lasting.
  • Unlike metal whistles, these wood whistles do not throw any unpleasant overtones and make the tunes exceptionally clear, without any warbles or squeaks.
  • There is a set of 2 Irish whistles with the wood grain key of C & key of D, with 2×6 holes. There are two color options available – Black and Grey.

It works best for beginners. Initially, it will not feel like the traditional one because of the look, but it turns out to be an amazing one. So, don’t get second thoughts and order one today for the crisp and clean tones.


4. Feadog Pro Nickel D Whistle

Feadog Pro Nickel D Whistle

This whistle is a diatonic instrument with simple fingering, which makes it extremely easy to learn and play. It sounds different than the recorder and looks really beautiful as well as professional. It comes with the black mouthpiece.

Important Features and Specifications of Feadog Nickel

  • It is made by Feadog originals which are famous manufacturer brand of Irish tin whistles.
  • If you love black and classic, this item is for you as it comes with the lovely greyish silver body and black mouthpiece.
  • This professional model offers Nickel key of D, which can produce a sound like a clarinet.

You can get sweet and chirpy sound from the Feadog whistles. If you are in love with the flute-like sound, then you should buy this one. The sound quality, as well as the product quality, works best for any music lover.


5. Dixon Traditional D Whistle

Dixon Traditional D Whistle

Enjoy the Irish traditional music with Dixon whistles. It is able to provide excellent sound and quality. It works better for playing in sessions. It gives much more stability than expected from the tin whistles. You can’t get whistles at less price like this one.

Specifications and Features of Dixon Traditional Whistle

  • Just like other whistles, this whistle is also easy to play and works best on the high notes.
  • If you love to play Irish music, then this whistle is love! Its tones are super clear and distinct chuff. It is definitely a step up instrument.
  • It is made in England, and you can feel it by noticing its super classy look. It is an unconventional and thoughtful thing to give as a gift. It comes with a hard plastic slipcase.

This product is a whistle that responds fully across 2 octaves w/a clear c natural. Many users believe that it even works better than the Generations, Feadogs, and Waltons. Choose your side and choose one.


6. Black Clarke Sweetone D Traditional Irish Tin Penny Whistle

Black Clarke Sweetone D Traditional Irish Tin Penny Whistle

Clarke is by far the best tin whistle brand, without a doubt. Just have a look at this product. It is a classic black whistle with grey mouthpiece and black whistle pouch. Imagine the happiness your loved one will get when you gift this piece of art to him/her.

Useful Features and Specifications of Black Clarke Penny Whistle

  • It sounds great and is in near perfect pitch. Also, the best sound comes out from the whistle when it is blown softly. That is why it works best if you are just a beginner.
  • It has a nice upper octave, and it comes with the personal note by Jenny Hall, the seller, which is a beautiful gesture.
  • For the price, you can’t beat this whistle. For a sweet, delicate, chirping sound, this whistle is the best.

If you want to learn, it is recommended to start with a sweet-tone as it is most natural to ears. This whistle gives a fantastic experience of pleasant and folksy sound and comfortable finger gripping.


7. Generation Nickel High D Whistle

Generation Nickel High D Whistle

Most of the players love this brand when it comes to penny whistles. You will fall in love when you buy this nickel whistle. It is excellent yet inexpensive. Professionals trust it and buy these whistles often.

Important Features and Specifications of Generation Nickel Whistle

  • This Nickel G generation whistle comes with a blue plastic mouthpiece. It looks like a pen with some dots, which attracts many people.
  • It has a bright tone and long lasting finishing. It is made in England and is one of the most popular penny whistles.
  • While playing the high notes, it sounds like the notes and not like attacking seagulls. Some whistles are so weak that they can’t give proper sound. Generation is not like that.

This whistle looks great. It is very shiny, and it feels good to hold. It has better grip. If you are looking for the excellent workmanship and better designs than Generation Nickel High D Whistle is the product you should trust on!


So, this is it. This is a list of my favorite whistles. Music is a source of meditation and works so positive on us more than we realize. Learning how to play an instrument is not something that we can merely do overnight! Tin whistles are best to start a musical career and even the orchestral journey. Choose one of the best tin whistle brands from this list and order one today! I wish you will have the super magical musical journey ahead.

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