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Best Solid State amp for Pedals

Accept it or not, it is a real struggle to keep your hands off amps. All guitar lovers, like us, will agree that one of the most difficult things they ever had to do in their musical journey was to stop themselves from buying various, attractive amps. 

Best Solid State amp for Pedals

However, as you get into the music game and start mastering the guitar, you will need a good solid state amp for pedals. At this point, it is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. But, at the same time, it is pretty pricey. So, you have to be careful and choose something worthwhile. The market is flooded with multiple options at the moment, which will definitely make this hard for you. Don’t worry, though. We are here to help you weed through and give you the best! 

In this article, we shall cover the best solid state amps for pedals on Amazon today so that you make your purchase in minutes. Let’s start.

1. Fender Champion 20 – 20-Watt Electric Guitar AmplifierFender Champion 20

Fender itself is a champ when it comes to guitars. So, why wouldn’t we see its name in the best amps for pedals? This particular solid state amplifier has the EQ section along with dials that give you multiple effects. What are its main features? Here’s a peek:

  • Chorus, delay, vibratone, and digital reverbs are some of the amazing effects that you can enjoy with this amp.
  • It gives you the choice of 17 amp models! That means that with just a turn of the amazing knob, you can get an amp model for any music genre.
  • It is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is to plug the MP3 player into the AUX, and you are ready to roll! You can also practice your jamming privately.
  • It comes with an open back cabinet to help you store cables and other such items.
  • Fender gives you an astounding 5-year warranty for this amp. Could you ask for more?


2. NUX Mighty Lite BT Mini Portable Modeling Guitar Amplifier with BluetoothNUX Mighty Lite BT Mini Portable Modeling

Super sleek and highly reliable, the NUX amplifier is truly a mighty force. It is a new-age amp with Bluetooth, which makes jamming fun and convenient. Why must you buy this portable beast? Read on for answers!

  • It has a built-in digital reverb and delay. 
  • You also have 3 channels, namely Clean, Overdrive, and Distortion.
  • It uses a 9 V power adapter. You can also use the USB connection via power bank to fire it up. Plus, 6 AA batteries will also work just fine. 
  • It has 9 drum patterns.
  • The output power is 3 watts.
  • The manufacturers advise that you download firmware from the official NUX website to ensure that the amp stays in great condition for a long time.


3. Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar AmplifierFender Frontman 10G

Which solid state amp does Amazon like? The answer is Fender Frontman. And, we love it just as much as Amazon does! It is one of the most popular and reliable ones out there. Let’s see why:

  • It is a 10-watt solid state amplifier.
  • It comes with a special 1-6” Fender Special Design Speaker.
  • It has 1 channel.
  • The controls that it offers are Bass, treble, volume, over-drive select switch, and gain.
  • It allows a ¼” instrument output, AUX input, and 1/8” headphone output jack. With this, you can practice silently based on your environmental conditions.
  • It has a closed-back design, making it perfect for heavy bass response.
  • It is one of the most affordable amps out there in its league. 


4. Marshall Code 100C 100-watt 2×12 inches Digital Combo AmpMarshall Code

Marshall is another force to reckon when it comes to solid state amps for pedals. It is extremely powerful at 100 watts and gives you exactly what you want, and perhaps a little more. Let’s take a look at its features:

  • The sound quality of the Marshall Code Digital Combo Amp is one of the best.
  • It comes with 2 speakers, each of 12 inches measurement.
  • It has 14 digital preamp models and 24 onboard FX. You also get to enjoy 4 digital power amp models with this amp.
  • Speaker emulation is one of its highlights.
  • It is Bluetooth compatible.
  • It has a 2-channel foot switch. 
  • It is our favorite because it is high on value and low on price.


5. Quilter Labs 101 Reverb 50-Watt Head With ReverbQuilter Labs

Don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for a good solid state amp? You should definitely consider the Quilter Labs amp then. It is a 50-watt amp with multiple exciting features. We are going to take a look at a few of them here:

  • It is extremely well-made and looks amazing.
  • It has the EQ section for treble and bass control.
  • You have a world of tonal possibilities to explore with this amp. We think this is the biggest reason why people love it.
  • It has a limiter and an FX loop, which allow great control over the sound.
  • It comes with a headphone output. 
  • It is pretty expensive, which is the only downside we can think of. If price isn’t a concern, this is not a bad option.


Being spoiled for choice may not be a good thing at times because the options can lead to too much confusion. However, we hope this article erases all your concerns and helps you make a sound choice. All the best!

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