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Best Rhodes VST

Rhodes Piano is one of the most iconic musical instruments in the 70s year. Generally used in Pop music, Jazz Songs, or Soul music, the Rhodes piano has given iconic music to hit numbers. Today, with the world moving fast forward, there are still some musicians who want to use the sounds of these vintage instruments in their new tracks. Though buying the Fender Rhodes Piano is not possible because of the high price and limited availability, thanks to the virtual studio technology (VST), one can recreate those soulful sounds of the previous decade and mix it with the latest soundtracks. While there are many best Rhodes plugin available in the market, buying one without getting a preview can be a risky affair. Yes, there are customer reviews and features you can go through, but the entire process will take a hell of a time. So, we have worked on the top five fender Rhodes VST available online offering the sounds, features, and interface that you need to create a musical piece.

Top Five Best Rhodes VST Online

1. Stage-73 V by Arturia

Stage-73 V by Arturia

Arturia Stage-73 is among the top best Rhodes plugin available in the market. This Rhodes piano VST gives you access to the actual sounds of Stage and Suitcase versions of an electric piano – one from 1973 and 1974 model. The software has 80 factories presets like classic amps, effects pedal, and virtual mechanics to use and alter sounds as per your liking.

Key Features of Stage-73 V:

  • Fender Rhodes™ Stage 1973 (Tone) and Suitcase models1974 (Bass Boost) is used to record sounds. 
  • The VST gives you easy on/off mic placement, mono vibrato, tone controls, bass, and treble features, Output effects to change volume, chorus, Analog Delay, Compressor, Flanger, wah, and auto-wah.
  • Advance editor settings like Tuning, Damper distance, Pickup alignment/distance, Velocity curve editor, Harmonic profile selections, Harmonic profile selections, Damper distance, Tone bar resonance, etc. are available.
  • The Stage-73 V is available at $99


2. Addictive Keys: Mark One by XLN Audio

Addictive Keys: Mark One by XLN Audio

Mark on Addictive Keys performed on the famous Fender Rhodes Mk. 1 electric piano which has been in demand for four decades and is part or countless hit records. The recording from this special electric piano got prepared on MusicMan 112 RD Fifty 1×12″. Each sound is first played using a vintage tube combo amp and captured on vintage mics to capture the authentic sound. The tones can go from caress to searing and crunchy sounds, each having their soulful music. For depth effect in the music, the recording is done using three mics placed next to the speaker, dynamic, tube condenser, and ribbon microphone. All this gives depth and ambiance to the recorded piece.

Key Features of Addictive Keys: Mark One:

  • Used the Fender Rhodes Mk. 1 Stage Piano and  MusicMan 112 RD Fifty 1×12″ to record each sound. 
  • Three mics were used in the recording, which was place on a different angle near the instrument to capture the depth of tone.
  • Enjoy different versions of the electric piano which an additional seven different recording perspectives.
  • This Rhodes piano VST is available at  $79.95.


3. Lounge Lizard EP-4 by Applied Acoustics Systems

Lounge Lizard EP-4 by Applied Acoustics Systems

If you wish to add an authentic electric piano sound in your track, then you need to use the Lounge Lizard EP-4 plugin, which comes with 100 amazing custom electric piano presets. The extensive library offers classic electric piano sounds, 200 gigs, and mix-ready custom sounds that can be used in any way you want. You can edit, re-edit, save, or experiment using different tones with a simple click.

Key Features of Lounge Lizard EP-4 

  • They are packed with a great preset library consisting of outstanding sounds delivered using the best electric piano.
  • Get access to the real-time calculation of sounds with a 32-bit floating-point at sample rates up to 192 kHz. 
  • The software offers unlimited undo/redo capability, MIDI program, support all plugin formats, Dynamic voice allocation, an option of high quality integrated master effects, and much more.


4. AIR Keyboard Collection by AIR Music Technology

AIR Keyboard Collection by AIR Music Technology

Not one or two but the combination of five legendary electric pianos of ’60s/’70s are used to record the AIR Keyboard Collection. Velvet – the virtual electronic piano has combined music of Fender Rhodes MK I and MK II Stage Pianos, Hohner Pianet-T, and Fender Rhodes Suitcase. The VST plugin allows you to use each onboard effect, edit it to get the real sound effect and control preamp to warmup tone, dynamic response, adjust timber, and velocity curve.

Key Features of AIR Keyboard Collection 

  • AIR Keyboard Collection contains the effects of five legendary electric piano’s.
  • The VST plugin has dynamic modeling that delivers the best sound quality to create beautiful effects on the soundtrack.
  • Edit the timber, adjust the velocity curve, and dynamic response with each sound.
  • Get the freedom to mix different sounds using keyboard and pedal noise for that special effect.
  • The 3-band EQ is there for tone shaping, Vintage distortion, amplifier effects and wah/filter, modulation.
  • There are 350 ready-to-play presets that can be accessed through an intuitive interface and create music the one you like.
  • The software is available at $189.99.


5. VIP Producers Bundle by Exclusive Bundle

VIP Producers Bundle by Exclusive Bundle

If you are looking for software that gives you the freedom to use the library right from your keyboard, then the VIP Producers Bundle is the best product to invest in. This VST plugin has eight patches that give you access to mix, layer, and pan chose patch all at one go. The software runs smoothly on AAX plugin, VSTi, or AU.

Key Features of VIP Producers Bundle

  • This software function of every VST-compatible plugin and effects unit available in the market.
  • Get access to 8 virtual instruments at the same time to edit, mix, and access to add in a single track.
  • The multi mixers have sent effects, bus tracks, insert effects, and master output channel for easy routing.
  • The VIP Native Plugin Map Standard gives access to develop your plugin map to create a superior workflow.
  • Key Control Modes harmonized chords, play scales, and chord progressions.
  • VIP Producers Bundle is available at $389.00



Hoping the best Rhodes VST article gave you a clear insight on the software you can purchase to use the iconic sound of an electronic guitar in your tracks. After comparing each Fender Rhodes VST plugin software, we recommend investing in Arturia Stage-73 and AIR Keyboard Collection as it has great features, delivers sound from most iconic pianos.

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