Best Organ VST- Pipe Organ VST Plugins in 2020


Today we are going to take a look at the Best Pipe Organ VST Plugins available online. While creating dramatic music pieces, you need sounds of different musical instruments to bring out basic emotions in any song. But, accessing or playing these instruments is not always possible. Also, the sound coming out from these instruments have tones that need to be altered or add some additional effects to create depth in music. With the help of VST Software Plugins, you get access to a fantastic library of sounds and effects that help you create great musical pieces. We have collected the top most sought Organ VST Software available in the market.

1. Alpha Organ by Soundiron

Alpha Organ by Soundiron
Alpha Organ by Soundiron

Alpha Organ is the beautifully captured sound of the pipe organ played at the home of Soundiron’s renowned Symphony Series Brass and Requiem Light Symphonic Choir. Yes, the perfect library of the exquisite music of the organ is possible only for the design and build of the famous St. Paul’s Church in San Francisco, CA, where it got recorded. Powered by the Native Instruments Kontakt 6 Player engine, this library supports the major plugin formats such as VST, AU, & AAX, as well as the Komplete Kontrol software and hardware.

Alpha Organ by Soundiron is available with these features:

  • Alpha Organ contains a beautiful 4,117 samples of the pipe organ, which got recorded at St. Paul’s Church.
  • This VST Plugin comes with the library sorted based on moods like Glorious, Smooth, Reedy, Gentle, Solemn, Earth, Resonant, Dawn, Dusk, Triumph, SFX, and the All Mixer which lets you have a freedom to create a unique music piece
  • There are 20 factory presets custom sounds that will aid and inspire in building a glorious film score and soundtrack
  • The software is user-friendly and gives you the flexibility to use sound-shaping controls like drones, atmospheric pads, and evolving textures.
  • Alpha Organ by Soundiron is powered by the Native Instruments Kontakt 6 Player engine.
  • Flexible and intuitive user interface with pro features, deep customizability, and simple workflow.


2. Toontrack EZkeys Pipe OrganToontrack EZkeys Pipe Organ

EZkeys Pipe Organ Virtual Instrument is the majestic sound library featuring the exquisite tones of pipe organs and instruments played at Sweden’s Täby Kyrka. The design and build of this thirteenth-century church act as the perfect catalyst behind the EZkeys Pipe Organ Virtual Instrument by Toontrack. This sound library is also embedded with a wide range of presets, enabling this epic instrument to craft completely fresh musical creations.

Toontrack EZkeys Pipe Organ is available with these features:

  • Unlike other VST Plugins, this comes with a Smart Songwriting feature that helps you write the entire music piece and not just sounds. Just select and drop the chosen to EZkeys Chord Wheel to build a song track.
  • Pick any preset and make alterations as per your set parameters from the library that includes Cathedral, Church Walls, Raw Tweaks, Ambiens, Ambiens Duo, Machina, Modulatio, Torquedo, and Octavus.
  • The MIDI library contains custom Piano Pieces played by professional session pianists.
  • The library includes every music style like pop/rock, country, soul/RnB, jazz, blues, boogie, funk, and gospel.


3. Traveler Organ by SoundironTraveler Organ by Soundiron

Traveler Organ features a multi-sampled sound library produced from a 20th century Clough & Warren flat-top reed organ. Recorded raw in a studio with three Neuman microphones and noiseless preamps, the Traveler Organ Kontakt instrument captures the subtle nuances of this early 20th-century organ and offers a variety of articulations and stops. These configurations for various stops and couplings include marcatos, staccatos, and sustains, in addition to other customizations.

Traveler Organ by Soundiron is available with these features:

  • Traveler Organ comes with 398 samples recorded at 24 bit / 48khz played on 61-key flat-top pump reed organ, ranging from deep lows to soaring highs.
  • It comes with a 3D interface that highlights stop settings and reed voicings.
  • Alter the music by using EQ, flanger, delay, filter, phaser, amp & speaker simulation, and distortion.
  • Enjoy Convolution Reverb with 70 different vintage cathedrals, churches, chambers, halls, and rooms for special effects.
  • Has Midi-CC, Velocity-crossfaded presets, 26 Instrument Presets and different articulations and performance controls to enhance the piece.


4. Lakeside Pipe Organ by SoundironLakeside Pipe Organ

Lakeside Pipe Organ Kontakt Instrument is a sound library instrument produced using vintage steel and wooden pipe organ found at the Lakeside Temple of Practical Christianity in Oakland, CA. Sorted systematically in 15 ranks, each pipe is designed to create a tone at a fixed pitch. The sound is produced by venting mechanically compressed air into the 850 echoing steel pipes and wooden reeds. Sound engineers can use the music available in sets with each set or stop offering a familiar resonance and intensity throughout.

Lakeside Pipe Organ by Soundiron is available with these features:

  • Enjoy five Different Organ Settings, including the close/far microphone position setting.
  • Each note is on an organ sampled with a release trigger.
  • All the acoustic recordings in samples are recorded with noise reduction.
  • The package also includes foot basses in forte patches and bell/chime sounds.
  • All 1,584 Samples is recorded on 16 bit / 44.1 kHz uncompressed PCM wav audio



Comparing each software based on its characteristics, the top favorite will be the Alpha Organ by Soundiron and Intimate Textures: NOVO Pack 01 for Orchestral VST. But, the Organ VST plugins you choose should depend on the music you wish to create. Go through the information of each plugin and see what connects to your creations. I hope, with our list, you will be guided to the dream Organ VST Software.

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