Best Music Theory Books for Beginners: Top Picks

Best Music Theory Books for Beginners

Music is life and passion for music lovers. By knowledge, skill, and practice many people excel in this field. The beginners find it tough to have an in-depth and sound understanding of the music. To solve the problem of trainees, here I will throw light on the music theory books that are specially meant for beginners.

You can pick the top quality music theory book from the list and enhance the knowledge about music. Let’s move ahead to enjoy the discussion on the same.

Best Music Theory Book

1. Adult All-In-One Course Music Theory Book

Adult All-In-One CourseAdult All-In-One Course is written by Willard A. Palmer, Morton Manus, and Amanda Vick Lethco. It is a Lesson-Theory-Technic: Level 1 book. In Piano Songbooks it is considered the best seller. You will find it an excellent self-teaching book. The publisher of this book is Alfred Music; Spi edition. It contains 160 pages and holds the series of Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course in the expanded version. It will provide great aid for orchestra settings.

By going through this book, you will feel like as if each note is falling on the keyboard. If you don’t have prior musical experience, then no need to worry as this book gives you the sense as if you are coming to the piano. In ‘all-in-one’ format it appropriately includes the technique, lesson, and theory. Each lesson’s concepts are covered by this comprehensive course which holds the features of isometric hand exercises, drills of finger strengthening and written assignments. Between each lesson, the learners will find the smooth and logical advancement and outstanding extra songs of folk, classical and contemporary collections along with detailed description of chord theory and playing styles.


2. Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory Book

Alfred’s Essentials of Music TheoryAll musicians will find this music theory textbook a complete self-study course which was bought on paper by Andrew Surmani, Karen Farnum Surmani, and Morton Manus. It comprises 152 pages and is available in the format of Book & 2 CDs. Essentials of Music Theory is the name of the series and will serve as the music school instruction guide. You will find it an excellent self-study theory book.

Pianists, guitarists, vocalists, composers, arrangers, songwriters, instrumentalists and much more will be benefitted from this book as they all will find this piece of writing practical and easy-to-use. This self-study course will widen your musical ear due to ear training CDs. It contains 75 brief lessons which will guide you in learning the basics of music. Exercises, ear training CDs, and review all are mentioned in one book which will provide you tremendous help. The tasks will allow you to work on your music reading and writing skills. The CDs will let you advance your listening skills. You can test your knowledge through reviews that contain 18 units. You will find it one of the best music theory books.


3. Music Theory Book for Dummies

Music Theory for DummiesMusic Theory for Dummies is written by Michael Pilhofer and Holly Day. You will get a Audio CD along with this book. This book will offer information regarding how to read, write and understand music which will provide significant guidance to music lover or the student of music. In this book, the valuable hints related to composition, creation, and arrangement of different tunes, harmonies, and chords are mentioned. In the audio CD, you will find the musical extracts which you can play on the number of instruments. You will find the information useful and enjoyable.

You can easily understand music theory by going through this piece of art. The insight of the college level course material will be achieved in a friendly way. Here you will get knowledge of different areas which includes modern teaching practices, illustrations, and categories of latest music, in what way to grasp major and minor measures, how to identify tones and clefs, in what manner compose and arrange for voices and instruments and many more useful and interesting stuff.


4. WP232 – Theory & Technic for the Young Beginner – Primer A

WP232 – Theory & Technic for the Young BeginnerWP232 – Theory & Technic is the piano theory book for the young beginner. The author of this book is James Bastien. Since 1963 Neil A. Kjos Music company has published the Bastien piano books worldwide.  The title of this notable book is WP232 – THEORY, AND TECHNIC FOR YOUNG BEGINNER – PRIMER A – By James Bastien which contains 40 pages and is in the format of Paperback.

You will find that up to 14 languages the Bastien piano books are translated. Five entirely interrelated course books – ‘Piano,’ ‘Theory,’ ‘Performance,’ ‘Technic’ and ‘A line a day sight reading’ are found in the Bastien Piano Basics method. It uses a gradual multi-key approach. Graded lesson materials cover the basic concepts. The enthusiastic young people will experience the pleasure of playing the piano as it is the smooth, heart-warming, enjoyable musical way. The teaching is elementary due to wide-ranging and page-by-page correlation. You will gain knowledge in such way that you can apply on musical instruments like guitar.


5. Beginner Classical Piano Music

Beginner Classical Piano MusicThe author Damon Ferrante has written this piano theory book in the name of ‘Beginner Classical Piano Music’. It is available in English language and contains 146 pages. Along with the book, you will get streaming videos and MP3 audio. The great composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach, will make you familiar with the ways of playing well-known piano pieces.

Quickly it will let you discover the ways of playing famous classical piano pieces which will help you in intensifying the musical understanding. This step-by-step book and video course will make your piano playing affordable. It covers 20 streaming video lessons and piano lessons meant for beginners which helps in learning music. Damon Ferrante, the famous piano professor, make use of all these techniques to serve the learners in best possible manner. The piano instructors and scholars will find this course material interactive, appealing and full of fun. You will see it an easy-to-follow method. This music theory workbook will improve the music creativity along with piano technique. You can reach a whole new level of piano playing by going through this book and flowing video course.


6. Berklee Music Theory Book 1

Berklee Music Theory Book 1Paul Schmeling has written Berklee Music Theory Book 1 which contains 120 pages. It will provide fundamentals of music theory so if you desire to learn music theory or prefer to increase the deepness of musical knowledge, and then this book will be a great help for you.

The hands-on and ears-on practice exercises can explore the inner workings of music. From this book, you can experience the notes, scales, and rhythms of today’s music styles. To enjoy social musical foundation, it holds CD that helps in strengthening the lessons. The techniques of written and ear training exercises along with listening skills examples will help you in building the basic concepts of music theory.


7. Music Theory: From Absolute Beginner to Expert

Music TheoryThe book ‘Music Theory’ serves not only beginners but also experts. Effortlessly you can learn and understand the music theory as it holds the step-by-step guide which is ultimate in itself. To learn music theory, it will provide you the unique, practical and straightforward way which will help you in becoming the better musician.

It contains 276 pages, audio examples along with new exercises. You can gain the understanding and knowledge of music theory that includes the study of scales, modes, and chords. This evergreen book will guide you in following, digesting and internalizing the concepts of music theory. The beginners will find this book a great help. Yours playing and musicianship, both will be benefitted by this book.


Explore the Music World!

Music lovers you can enjoy the music world by learning the tactics of music by going through the books as mentioned above related to music theory. In these books, you will get the practical knowledge of music. Choose the best music theory book from the product list and make yourself proficient in this field. The features of each stated books will make you aware of the facts of the book. Understand and appreciate the music world with the help of these precious books.

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