Best Guitar Pots: Top 5 Potentiometer Reviews 2019

Best Guitar Pots

Short for potentiometers, guitar pots are very important for everyone who has an electric guitar will swear by it.

Guitar pots do more than just change the volume and tone as per your preference. They also serve the purpose of resistance, and this can significantly impact your performance.

There are 250K pots and 500K pots that you can choose from depending on whether you like treble or whether you want humbucker pickup. Whatever it may be, there are many options on the market today that will make selecting quite easy. Let’s take a look at some of the best guitar pots:

Best Guitar Pots

1. Fender Stratocaster Strat 5-way Wiring Kit

Fender Stratocaster Strat 5-way Wiring Kit

One kit for all your needs, the Fender Stratocaster is quite popular in the world of electric guitars. The kit consists of pots and CRL switch. Let’s take a closer look:

  • It has a 5-way switch.
  • The vintage wiring gives it a nice sophisticated look.
  • The shaft pots are 250K.
  • It works really well to improve the tone of your music.
  • The output jack is also a standout feature in this case because it sorts the cable connection quite smoothly.
  • The pots do not weigh much but are large and significantly better than many cheap ones available today.
  • These pots are of really high quality, and if you are serious about your music, there’s no reason why you should compromise with anything less than the Fender pots.


2. Allparts EP-4685-000 CTS 250K Long Thread Pot

Allparts EP-4685-000 CTS 250K Long Thread Pot

This is one of the best 250K pots out there today. It has an audio taper and a split shaft. Here’s a deeper look:

  • It is easy to fit, and users have said that it makes the guitar sound great.
  • It is the best choice if you have a single-coil guitar.
  • The split shaft promises ease fixing and setting up of dials.
  • Being a long shaft makes it easy to use with a variety of guitars.


3. Seymour Duncan YJM-500 Hi-Speed Volume Electric Guitar Pot

Seymour Duncan YJM-500 Hi-Speed Volume Electric Guitar Pot

Among the best 500K pots out there is this one from Seymour Duncan. It provides easy tone and volume control with split shaft design.

What are its other features? Read on.

  • The construction of the pots is durable and high-quality.
  • These are high-speed electric guitar pots.
  • These pots are known for their smooth operation. Special attention was given to the working and performance while designing these pots. Apparently, a special lubricant is used to enable this.
  • The potentiometers are versatile and perform very well regardless of the guitar you use!
  • You will be amazed when you have to change the volume quickly and see just how smooth that process is. Again, thank the special lubricant!
  • Many users have said that they have used the pots for years and they are still as good as their first day!


4. ToneShaper Pot Pack for Gibson – 500K Audio

ToneShaper Pot Pack for Gibson – 500K Audio

We must say, the potentiometers from ToneShaper actually live up to the name! This is a pack of 4, two of which help with volume adjustments and the other two are for the tone.

Let’s learn more about this pot pack:

  • These are low torque pot packs.
  • Buy 4 together and save money and hassle!
  • The pack comes with the required hardware.
  • If you are using non-USA guitars, you may need to increase the size of the hole to accommodate the thread sizes. So, you might want to be careful about that.
  • The bushing length is ½ inch.
  • These are ideal for humbucker guitars only.
  • The fact that they are designed only for Gibson may be a slight setback. So, just check sizes before you buy this pot pack.


5. WD Music WD500 Guitar Pots

WD Music WD500 Guitar Pots

If you are looking for something less expensive but reliable at the same time, you will see that WD Music Guitar Pots suit your needs. We have enlisted the features here for you:

  • These potentiometers have a 24-spline design.
  • You can expect 20% tolerance.
  • They have a split shaft.
  • You won’t experience any hassle while using these pots. They are smooth and perform well.
  • These guitar pots mainly work on the tone.
  • You can install them quite easily and quickly.
  • They are durable and strong.


By now we are positive that you have found what you are looking for and know that you won’t regret it! Just pick based on your budget, guitar, and requirements, and you are sorted. All the best!

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