Best Flute VST – Reviews of Woodwind Flute VST for FL Studio

Best Flute VST

Flute music always takes you in this relaxing place. This humble musical instrument has the power to lift your spirits but can also emit saddening soul music. For a person who is engaged in creating film scores, the Woodwind Flute VST gives them the power to access all kinds of flute sounds from all around the world. We have selected the top four Best Flute VST for FL Studio. Each software has its own especially and offers sample sounds and downloads, which you can use before purchasing the entire collection.

The Best Flute VST Plugins

1. Soundiron Little Wooden Flute VST for FL Studio

Soundiron Little Wooden

Little Wooden Flutes is a beautiful collection of 15 presets of the Ethnic Indian and Native American flute tunes. Every sample is a pitch-perfect and offers you a vast library of music that composes dramatic tracks. Another eye-catching feature of phrase sequencer gives freedom of pitch transposition, timer stretching, and the Staccato articulations. The software also has an effect panel, EQ, delay, compression, flanger, phaser, chorus, filter, damp, phaser, convolution, and simulation. Each sound gets recorded using classic flutes in a studio with a set of two microphones adjusted on different angles to capture every tune.

Soundiron Little Wooden Flutes comes with these following features:
  • The 15 Instrument presets aid musicians with classic Indian and Native American sounds to create a dramatic track.
  • Effects panels come with a delay, compression, phaser, damp simulation, filter, flanger, chorus, convolution reverb, and all sorts of sound impulses to add that special effect to these classic tones.
  • The library has different articulations and other liver performance recorded in a studio using two mics placed in different angles.
  • There are also extra vocals and instruments available in the library to give a different touch to any modern music piece.


2. Organic Loops Jazz Lounge Flute Plugin for FL Studio

Organic Loops Jazz Lounge

Those who like to work with a massive library of flute sounds should invest in the Organic Loops Jazz Lounge Flute. Played by the experienced flutist recorded in the studio with other great sound recording features, we assure you that you will be getting the best VST software to work. Each sound’s tempos kept within 80-140 BPM ideal for Funk, Hip Hop, Breaks, Trance, Chillout, and Downtempo genres. Organic Loop is a library of honest and real music where every tune comes alive; the outward breath gives goosebumps and nuanced, giving you a melodic high.

Organic Loops Jazz Lounge Flute comes with these following features:
  • The library consists of 300 loops created by expert flutists recorded in a world-class studio.
  • Organic Loops software offers tempos to suit every music style, accents, trills, tremolos, and glissandos.
  • If you are skeptical about buying the product right away, listen to the demo and download the sample to get an idea about this software.
  • The Jazz Lounge Flute has a hint of sophistication in it compared to other flute VST software.


3. Film Score Companion Woodwind Flute VST

Film Score Companion Woodwind

Another gem from the famous SONiVOX is the Film Score Companion highlighting the five powerful sample plugins for the musician to download. Every music piece captured here is over forty gigabytes of high definition recording done in Futura Productions Studios in Massachusetts. The pieces performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra master, who is classically trained, instrumentalists performed to build a music piece that is crisp and clear so that every tune comes alive. Transit seamlessly between different articulations from the touch of a button when played. You get a library of spiccato, pizzicato, sustain, staccato and tremolo. Film Score Companion software is the best choice for those who have limited finances but wish to work on a library of great sounds that is easy to alter.

Film Score Companion comes with these following features:
  • The Film Score Companion offers you an entire collection of sounds of different musical instruments.
  • If your work is to deliver dramatic film music pieces, then the 90 high quality sitting programs will work as a great help to you.
  • Each part gets recorded at the famous Futura Productions studios in Massachusetts.
  • The preset for every patch is accessible at the main screen of the software which eases the mixing work
  • MIDI keys help mix the patches, alter the sounds, and add/remove the music piece’s effect so you can save it for later.


4. Luft by Cinematique Instruments

Luft by Cinematique

Last on the list is the Luft by Cinematique Instruments, which offers organic sounds of 34 airflow musical instruments. Access to the sounds of church organs, fan organs, blowed organs, flutes, pump organs, and domestic tools. This VST software sectionized into two main sections for user feasibility. You can select different sounds, use EQ, apply the modulation, and customize the distortion until you achieve the sound you desire. The 50 preset fives you liberty to imagine and create great music pieces all merged up in a 0.4gb compressed library.

Luft by Cinematique Instruments comes with the following features:
  • The sounds of every organ are recorded from the best place to get authentic sounds.
  • All 34 individual sounds from 6 instruments like pump organs, harmonicas, melodicas, simple flutes, and church organs.
  • With 50 presets, you can create thousands of variations with a natural feel and vivid vibrations that create masterpieces.



The Flute VST for FL Studio is a software that you are not going to use every day. But this is important if you are working on a film score. It’s essential to invest in a software that gives you access to different flute sounds recorded in the best studio and gives you more than 50 presets to mix different sounds, alter the volume and add effect to different pieces as per the linking. Good software will provide you with access to different sounds and give realistic to every music piece.


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