Best Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings – Top Reviewed Nylon Strings of 2019

Best Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings

To all the guitar lovers, I know the struggle of choosing the perfect strings for your guitar is so essential for you. There is always a tone that you want from your guitar to perform. Selecting the correct acoustic bass guitar strings for your guitar is very necessary for you and your guitar’s life. 

Best Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings

So here I come with my top 5 products for acoustic bass guitar strings. Make sure you go through the features and make the right choice. The products are as below:

1. Rotosound Bass Guitar Strings 

Rotosound Bass Guitar Strings Reliable, secure and reasonable, the Rotosound Bass Guitar strings is your best companion. Do you remember Paul McCartney playing his Hofner bass on the top of the “Apple” building? Yes, it’s just that moment when Rotosound bass guitar strings gave it’s famous appearance. Let’s know more about it: 

Key Features:

  • These are designed to stimulate a double sound on an electric bass guitar. 
  • It stands in no.1 position due to its features and durability.
  • The tension of the string is low, which makes you comfortable while using it.
  • It has long scales so you can play on electric acoustic bass guitar.
  • It eliminates the squeak of flat or round strings.
  • It does not compromise the sound quality of guitar. 
  • It produces a rich tone on the upper and lower range of the guitar.
  • If you are in search of dark, warm, soulful sound, then these strings are the best.
  • There is no existence of finger noise in Rotosound strings.
  • Top artists mostly use Rotosound strings throughout the world.
  • It has bass guitar strings of 65,75,100 and 115 inches long.


2. D’Addario Acoustic Bass Strings

D'Addario Acoustic Bass StringsD’Addario is another brand you can blindly rely on. It is specially designed for use on all four acoustic bass guitar strings. D’Addario is one of the oldest manufacturers for acoustic tone. Since 1974 they are showering the magic of strings. Let’s know about some more specifications: 

Key Features:

  • The strings vary from 45-100 long scales. 
  • It has phosphor bronze wound string gauge of .45, .065, .080, .100
  • It is preferred and known for its warm, bright, and well balanced acoustic tone.
  • It comes in a corrosion-resistant packaging.
  • The strings remain fresh for a long time due to its packaging.
  • It has the highest quality and performance outcome till date.
  • These strings are known as the “Players Choice” because of its surpassed quality and consistency. 
  • It prevents and reduces waste.
  • These are the semi-round strings as they have a hexagonal steel core. 
  • D’Addario has strings that are full scale.
  • The strings have very low tension and have a rope-like structure. 
  • They have the perfect balance of playability and price.
  • If you are in search of a lighter gauge, then this is the one.


3. Ernie Ball Acoustic Bass Strings

Ernie Ball Acoustic Bass StringsErnie Ball Acoustic Bass guitar strings is a gem of a product that is made up of 92% copper, 7.7% tin, 0.3% phosphorus wrapped around the wire. Rather than giving you a glimpse, let me show the whole movie. Read the detailed features below: 

Key Features:

  • It has a phosphor bronze acoustic bass string set of .045 – .095.
  • The strings have a light orange and gold color.
  • It provides a mellow, ringing sound with a soothing touch.
  • It has excellent clarity and works magically while playing.
  • You can also use these strings on a short scale acoustic bass. 
  • They have round wounds, are not smooth and rigid. 
  • The quality of the strings is A1.
  • These are pocket-friendly, and anyone; literally anyone can afford the strings. 
  • You also get the resonance along with the projection.
  • You will surely thank Ernie and Amazon after buying these strings. 
  • Customers most recommend Ernie’s strings will surely not disappoint you. 
  • The quality of the strings is consistent and fixed.


4. Ernie Ball Bass Strings

Ernie Ball Bass StringsAnother star product from Ernie is this one. It has an option of 4, 5, and 6 strings with various styles. It is the most popular bass string alloy, and you can count on this one for sure. Over 50 years of expertise, Ernie ranks 3rd and 4th in my list for its specialty. 

Key Features:

  • It has string gauge of .050, .070, .085, .105. and part number 2832.  
  • It has core to wrap ratios for balanced harmonics and texture. 
  • It has an excellent slinky feel and varieties of styles.
  • The Ernie uses fresh raw materials for their strings. 
  • It consists of nickel-plated steel wrapped around a tin-plated hard carbon steel wires.
  • The styles have regular, Beefy, Extra, Hybrid, and power options.
  • The set of strings is packed in an ultra-low humidity environment.
  • It is the world’s 1 electric bass string. 
  • The strings give you rock, bright, and rounded tones.
  • It provides higher tension, which helps you to retain high power notes.


5. Fender Acoustic Bass Strings 

Fender Acoustic Bass Strings Are you looking for the most reasonable product with all the specialty, then here it is, Fender Acoustic Bass guitar strings. These strings come in various (almost 12 different sizes) and color. This specific product is bronze and is an excellent choice wherever acoustic bass is required.  

Key Features

  • The strings have warmth and richness of phosphor bronze that adds acoustic bass to the strings. 
  • For high notes and long life, this one is a really great option to buy.
  • It comes in options and varieties like a 34inch long scale from the 8060’s and 32inch short/medium scale from the 7060’s.
  • These strings are made for electric guitar and very loud noise play. 
  • It is the most reasonable product than other products, as discussed above.
  • It is also a “customer choice” product and recommended by many. 
  • The strings have green thread covering, which gives a great look on an overall basis.
  • These are the slick type strings and do not make any finger sliding noise.


You must have found the perfect strings for your guitar. From my end, all of the above products are marvelous and excellent at their own places. But according to me, my favorite is Rotosound acoustic bass guitar strings as it is renowned, budget-friendly, durable, reliable, and worthy. It is also a best seller and the most recommended product on amazon. If you need strings that suit your every mood and want, then Rotosound is the perfect option. Other than that, all four products are also outstanding. 

Keep Playing, Keep Rolling!

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