Best Orchestral VST Software Plugin Reviews of 2020

Today digital technology is used almost in every type of business. The music industry is not left behind as now most of the musicians are using some of the best orchestral plugins to create great music pieces. If you are tired visiting various forums to collect information on virtual orchestra software, then our list on the most sought orchestral VST will help you choose the one that is required to create a great musical piece.

Best Orchestral VST Software Plugin

Best Orchestral VST 

1.  Intimate Textures: NOVO Pack 01 for Orchestral VST 

Intimate Textures: NOVO Pack 01 for Orchestral VST 

Novo Pack 01: Intimate Textures is a cutting-edge, ground-breaking sound engine developed by Heavvyocity embed with small chamber string ensembles. It is the economical version of Novo Modern Strings by the same brand equipped with a new Texture designer to help you compose remarkable melodies. While the Novo Pack 01: Intimate Textures may not qualify as a complete string library, it is bundled with traditional articulations with movement and depth capable enough to produce countless sonic opportunities.

Intimate Textures: NOVO Pack 01 is available with these features:

  • Downloads directly the Intimate Textures: NOVO Pack 01, a 14.2 GB uncompressed file that holds the 5,265 Samples.
  • There are 192 Presets and 43 articulations which are mainly divided into three parts: Violins – 14, Violas – 15 and Celli – 14 Articulations
  • Also, get the advance version of granular & rhythmic playback.
  • Software is integrated with Komplete Kontrol.
  • The new NOVO Pack 01 is compatible with the free version as well as the latest Kontakt 5.6.8
  • CYCLE page for advanced granular & rhythmic playback
  • Use the MACRO knob to control the dynamic multi-parameter of the music piece.


2. Film Score Companion Orchestral VST

Film Score Companion Orchestral VST

Film Score Companion by SONiVOX is the ultimate sound production package equipped with five important collections necessary for modern-day music compositions. These collections include Orchestral Companion Strings, Orchestral Companion Woodwinds, Big Bang Cinematic Percussion, Orchestral Companion Brass, and Eighty-Eight Ensemble. Most notably, all these collections utilize their own respective sample player plugin. While these collections are available separately, the complete Film Score Companion is available as a complete package for both Windows and Apple ecosystem as VST, AU, and AAX formats.

Film Score Companion is available with these features:

  • Orchestral Companion Strings is a 9 GB library that has cellos, basses, violas, and 1st and 2nds violin’s and Articulations, which includes staccato, pizzicato, tremolos, sustains and much more.
  • The Brass Orchestral Companion is a 5 GB library that Solo and Ensemble Trombones, Frech Horns, Trumpers, and Tuba with articulations of marcato, mutes, sustains, staccato and many more.
  • Eighty-Eight is a vast 11 GB collection that features 9-foot CD337 Concert Grand recorded in the orchestral hall for the authentic effect.
  • Big Bang Cinematic Percussion contains 15 GB library with a library of 200 different percussions, including ethnic, classic, and raw power hits.
  • Orchestral Woodwinds is a 9 GB library that includes the sounds of Flute, Oboe, English Horn, Piccolo, Bassoon, Clarinet, and Bass Clarinet, Solo with ensemble patches.


3. Orchestral Percussion SDX VST

Orchestral Percussion SDX VST

Orchestral Percussion SDX is a complimentary music strings library for Superior Drummer 3 developed by the Toontrack. Hence, the product is identified as an expansion for SD3 instead of a standalone tool. The perfect complement to the ultimate Superior Drummer 3 framework, the Orchestral Percussion SDX is a collection of tunes mixed and engineered from 120 different instruments played, recorded, and reviewed by experts. By using the ultimate combo of OP SDX and SD3, the music composers can produce tunes ranging from an essential stereo mix to a multi-channel surround extravaganza.

Orchestral Percussion SDX is available with these features:

  • Enjoy an itemized orchestral percussion library that contains around 120 instruments sounds recorded in a world-class music studio.
  • Each sound has been recorded with the highest standard in the music industry.
  • Every music in the library has the highest velocity layers, so each sound is crystal clear and expresses the soul of every instrument.

The sounds are recorded with multiple mic positions in different angles to capture music, which can use further mixes.


4. Emotional Orchestral Piano VST  Player Edition  

Emotional Orchestral Piano VST  Player Edition  

Designed especially for the widely used Kontakt Player as well as NI’s Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards, Emotional Piano by Soundiron is the ultimate scoring piano library. The rich library of piano tunes helps composers to embody the warmth and resonant tone of the walnut-bodies Kawai grand piano. As the name signifies, the Emotional Piano by Soundiron is powered with an advanced arpeggiation system designed to help musicians produce emotive sounds and melodious songs. With advanced control features and a full FX rack system, this popular virtual instrument offers the ultimate creative control to create extraordinary tunes.

Emotional Piano Player Edition is available with these features:

  • The fully-configurable multi-FX rack has 88 keys that give you control over each sound-shaping function.
  • Emotional Piano Player edition comes with ten dynamic velocity layers for each key and Pedal Action Samples
  • Every sound recorded by keeping the microphone in an angle that captures the rich and entire sound of every note.
  • The FX Panel is powerful and configurable so that you can control every effect.
  • The package also includes FX environments, 1,716 samples, and 100+ custom natural sounds.


5. Orchestral Companion – Brass VST

Orchestral Companion - Brass VST

Orchestral Companion Brass by SONiVOX is an ultimate collection of 80 excellent brass programs dedicated to offering accurate and convincing music composition. Since artificial sounds don’t justify the pure intent of the composer, the SONiVOX team has designed this comprehensive collection of full orchestral brass ensembles to offer a more convincing and authentic music output. Orchestral Companion Brass is a collective effort of the design team at SOViNOX and the world’s top musicians playing the best-sounding instruments to create life-life and authentic tones and sounds.

Orchestral Companion – Brass is available with these features:

  • Each sound of every brass instrument in the world is captured in the world-class studio.
  • The software contains 24-bit, dual velocity patches that aids in giving expressive textures to the music piece.
  • Orchestral Companion – Brass has a data of 5 GB with 80+ patches that include solo instruments, brass ensembles, and sectionals.
  • Sounds of Trombone, Bass Trombone, Solo Trumpet, Tuba and French Horn is included.
  • Use 16 patches with full articulation by using MIDI keys.
  • Get creative freedom with the help of Internal FX, LFOs, and envelopes.Deatils

How To Select the Best Orchestral VST Software Plugin

Are you a newbie music producer or a specialist in orchestral music? Finding Best Orchestral VST from the list can be a task as many brands are trying to sell their software, claiming it to be the best. However, it’s important to evaluate the sample quality of any software because using the right product will help ease the task of editing a music piece.

Before choosing any product, it essential to select the top five products to test the sample quality. Then pick a music piece that will be tested on these multiple sources to see if the volume can be altered, audio fidelity can be improved, and how one can tone extreme volume and pitches. With each software sample, note down on each product work on timbre, giving smoothness to sound and allow you the freedom to adjust pitch as per requirement.

Remember, the software should be able to work on instruments that have a higher pitch.

The last yet most important factor which requires evaluation is the speed of the Software Plugin. The speed of any software depends on the memory capacity and storage available of the machine. To avoid the glitch, use the VST only when you want to alter any composition. Also, pick the software that uses less memory space, have a user-friendly interface, simple navigation, and smoother functioning. Also, when you are choosing the software, make sure it is compatible to handle up to 50 GB sound library. With our list of best brands of orchestral VSTs, you will be able to pick out product(s), which will create master music pieces.